Betel in Burma

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Well! Betel nut seems to be the national passion!! It is some sort of mild intoxicant that must be addicting too as I’ve seen people load up with 2 or 3 and more little leaf packets at one time!

This stuff turns your teeth a lovely shade of Red and eventually Black as your teeth rot out!! I talked with a few locals about it and they felt it was somewhat healthy with calcium inside!

I don’t know how they could think that as their teeth are falling out! The sad thing is that I saw quite a few very young kids also chewing it. If you’re interested in trying it just look around for the little street stalls. They are everywhere. I’m not sure of the exact ingredients but this guy let me take a picture of his favorite mixture including the ‘BETEL NUT’ before he plopped it into his mouth chewed for a few minutes and spat out a big red pile of spit!

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Posted February 6, 2010 by seacollectiv in SEA/collectiv new series

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