Eric in the Phnom Penh Post today…

For the love of art:

Eric de Vries’ new images rock New York City

by Peter Olszewski
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A work by photojournalist Eric de Vries titled Confrontation.

It’s not easy being Eric de Vries, battling to keep alive the art of the photojournalism print essay at a time when conventional wisdom says that the format has had its day.

Big-picture, print-photo essays have almost universally been consigned to the dump as the dinosaur baggage of a supposedly vanishing “traditional” press, and some of de Vries’ recent work hearkens back to the glory days of Life magazine.

But of course Life is dead.

Dead in the water, too, is the project de Vries thought The New York Times would run – initial interest in the concept was strong, he said, but his compelling Siem Reap slaughterhouse series proved too compelling for print consumption. Read more…


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