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Geoff Croll /

Freelance photographer from the UK, has been travelling SE Asia since 2001. Currently based in Siem Reap, Cambodia for the last 9 months.
Prior to living in Siem Reap Geoff was living and working in Melaka, Malaysia for 1-1/2 years. His main projects include Burmese and Cambodian photography…

Janos Kis /

Hungarian photographer living in Cambodia since 2004, traveled extensively South East Asia, lived and worked in Hungary, France, Japan, USA, Israel, and Cambodia. He’s main interest is Social documentary, Humanitarian and Street photography. Documented the life of Asian migrant workers, Sudanese refugees, Jewish-Arab relations, child labor…

Eric de Vries /

Dutch photographer Eric de Vries is living in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the country he’s been travelling since 2000, and is currently working on two long-term projects called ‘Still Life in Khmer Style’ that covers landscapes, temple scenes and buddha statues and ‘Hello Darling’, which is about the girlbars around town. In the meantime he produced several series, most of them in black and white. Khmer Islam, The Slaughterhouse and Khmer Standoff (at Preah Vihear) are 3 new series…

Steve Goodman /

has been a photographer since the age of ten. He is an American ex-pat living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he works as a photographer. Steve has lived, traveled and photographed extensively in Southeast Asia since 2002. His photographs fall into a variety of categories: portraits, street photography, social documentary, photojournalism, urban landscape, portraits and fine art, as well as editorial, advertising and commercial work…

Richard Reitman /

Born an American way back but now my heart, soul and body belong in Asia. Been photographing it seems my whole life and have the photos to proof it. Spent so much time on the road it is home and thats where I get my inspiration. The road and the people one finds in the small towns and villages across this vast planet. After graduating from the Art Academy in San Francisco, I spent a year teaching photography at the art school in San Migeul de Allenda in Mexico. Then my Vagabond life time travels began. For 4 years spent the winters in Aspen Colorado and the remaining 7 months on the road hitting all of Central America, Europe, North Africa and then overland to India and Nepal. In 1982 took off on what turned into a 18 month tour by bicycle of Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia before finally settling in Thailand where i have remained since, with trips around Asia and extended period of 2008 and 2009 in Cambodia.

Dave Perkes /

born in London 1954; has over 30 years of photography experience – much of it in the UK and Europe. Dave was primarily a landscape photographer and traveled extensively in UK, Europe and the Far East. Dave left his day job at the Ordnance Survey in Southampton to live in Cambodia in 2003 and set up Peace of Angkor Villa; a small hotel catering for photographers . This change led him to work photographing hotels for brochures and web sites from 2004. Dave still does commissions; but his main focus is running Peace of Angkor photo and adventure Tours. Combining in-depth Angkor knowledge and photographic skills; Dave is an ideal person to take individual and small group photographic tours to the places normal tours do not go!
Dave is a regular contributor for the Siem Reap Angkor Guides and ran a weekly column Temple Watch for the Phnom Penh Post in 2008 to late 2009. In recent years, Dave’s emphasis has been on people in remote villages and life on the Tonle Sap Lake. His current project is Celestial Temples; exploring the relationships between the stones of Angkor, sky and weather.

Ronny Sen /

An Indian photographer living in Kolkata. Born in 1986 he has extensively documented the horrors of Cyclone Aila in Sunderbans and the Kosi disasters in Malda, West Bengal. He has travelled throughout India and Nepal working on various projects. His recent work “Don’t Breathe” was about travelling in the unreserved general compartments of Indian Railways. Presently, he is working on a long term project “Documenting Death” revolving around people who are dying.

Khamin /

was born in 1979 in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, which is the largest sea beach in the world. He completed MBA in Human Resource Management and BBA in International Management from The University of Chittagong. He started photography at the age of 25 through a Zenith manual gear camera by taking single shots of whatever he likes. He started working as a corporate official in his early carrier and later he joined as a lecturer in a college. Soon, he lost interest in such kind of jobs and picked camera seriously to framing subjects.

Now he is working at an English newspaper The Daily New Age in Bangladesh as a Staff Writer as well as a feature photographer. Apart from this Khamin is also a correspondent photographer of Indonesia based photo agency portaltiga.com Khamin has written around 45 articles on injustice, irregularities, politics, corruption and ethnic issues in Bangladesh. Around 15 of his photo features have been published at home and abroad. For his job he has traveled different parts of Bangladesh, even the border side of the country. He enjoys this and always seeks such adventurous opportunities to explore the facts and realities that are happening. There is hardly a place in Bangladesh where Khamin has not yet visited. He visited India and Myanmar too.

He is an expert in Rohingya Refugee issue of Myanmar, Ethnic Minority issue of Chittagong Hill Tract and coastal based inhabitant of the country.

Camus Wyatt /

An award-winning young Kiwi photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand.
His style is heavily influenced by his passions for photojournalism and street photography. As well as a background of study in politics and history, Camus has experience in commercial documentary photography, and is currently working on a project contrasting New Zealand landscapes and urban life.


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