She Fell In Love With Silence

A brand new project by SEA/collectiv members Geoff Croll and Eric de Vries, called SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH SILENCE.

Geoff Croll, photographer from Aberdeen Scotland, and Eric de Vries, Dutch photographer living and working in Cambodia started to work on this photographic project with the same name. Eric chose the title and the two photographers got to work on their perception and take on this interesting and very thought provoking subject.
Geoff worked on the series in his hometown Aberdeen in a more sequence way of photographing his subject whilst Eric took individual dual layered images, mostly shot in SE Asia.
The result is this project, a combination of sometimes strange photography but the essence was clear…

SHE FELL IN LOVE….WITH SILENCE… AGAIN….. one way or the other…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff Croll / Eric de Vries SEA Collectiv (August 2010)


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Again…. A new member

Camus Wyatt, an award-winning young Kiwi photographer, joined SEA/collectiv today…

Photo: Camus Wyatt – Of Life and Death

His style is heavily influenced by his passions for photojournalism and street photography. As well as a background of study in politics and history, Camus has experience in commercial documentary photography, and is currently working on a project contrasting New Zealand landscapes and urban life.

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New member for SEA/collectiv

Welcome to Khamin from Bangladesh, SEA/collectiv’s 8th member…

from the series Rain in Dhaka by Khamin…

Khamin was born in 1979 in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, which is the largest sea beach in the world. He completed MBA in Human Resource Management and BBA in International Management from The University of Chittagong. He started photography at the age of 25 through a Zenith manual gear camera by taking single shots of whatever he likes… more…

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She Fell In Love With Silence

A project by SEA-members Geoff Croll and Eric de Vries. To download as a free pdf next month.

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New member…

SEA/collectiv has a new member, Ronny Sen from India. Welcome, Ronny….

from the series Kolkata… by Ronny Sen, SEA/collectiv’s new member

Ronny Sen
An Indian photographer living in Kolkata. Born in 1986 he has extensively documented the horrors of Cyclone Aila in Sunderbans and the Kosi disasters in Malda, West Bengal. He has travelled throughout India and Nepal working on various projects. His recent work “Don’t Breathe” was about travelling in the unreserved general compartments of Indian Railways. Presently, he is working on a long term project “Documenting Death” revolving around people who are dying.

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MOMENTS issue #3

Today SEA/collectiv released the new issue of MOMENTS with brand new items and series like Visakha Bucha Day, Hope, The Rabbi, An Afternoon in Nam and The Rice and the Fall

Also OneSubject6Visions and Reportage: Dengue Fever in Cambodia and more, more…

MOMENTS #3 has almost arrived!

3 more days, and we’ll have our brand new issue of MOMENTS, with…

-New series

-OneSubject6Visions / on portraits

-Reportage / Dengue Fever – live in Cambodia

and more…

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